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histoCON:LINE is organized by the Federal Agency for Civic Education/ bpb

The Federal Agency for Civic Education/Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (bpb) is a federal public authority providing citizenship education and information on political issues for all people in Germany.
On November 25, 1952, the later renamed Federal Agency for Homeland Services was established in order to educate the German people about democratic principles and prevent any moves to re-establish a totalitarian regime. Today Citizenship education means educating and encouraging citizens to actively participate in society and in the democratic process.
The bpb’s work focuses on fostering an awareness of what democracy is and on furthering participation in politics and social life. One of the bpb’s key activities is the provision of information on the major issues of our times, both on the website and in print publications.The range of topics includes European integration, participation in politics and in society, issues relating to the economy and the financial markets, migration, and social change, as well as historical issues and democracy in general. Another one of our key activities is the ongoing creation of new projects and the development of new methods to meet the special informational and educational needs of people with different learning abilities and people from different age groups and different walks of life.