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histoCON Community activities around International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Fewer and fewer eyewitnesses of the Holocaust are alive to tell their stories. At the same time, new formats of remembrance are continually emerging, driven by new forms of media usage and development, some of them being discussed controversially. histoCON wants to address this development in a community workshop and a talk with Holocaust survivor Alfred Garwood on International Holocaust Remembrance Day this Thursday.

histoCON Community Workshop: Revisiting Afghanistan

Following the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban regained control of the country. Three months on, activist Aisha Khurram and photojournalist Sebastian Backhaus will share their personal perspectives and experiences on the current situation in Afghanistan.

histoPOD: Commemorating the Holocaust in Hungary

What role did Hungary play in the Second World War? How did the culture of Holocaust remembrance develop over time? These are the topics we are discussing with Andrea Petö, Professor at the Central European University.

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What remains of the Second World War today? histoVOICES is where young people from all over the world share their personal stories with you.

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