Global perceptions of WWII: Eastern Europe

The 22nd of June marks the anniversary of the invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany. Against this background, the latest edition of our histoTALK will deal with the memory of the Second World War in Eastern Europe.
How did civilians experience the war, what consequences did it have for them? and what influence does WWII still have in the region today? How has memory developed over time? Join our guests Stefan Creuzberger (Germany), Dmytro Hainetdinov (Ukraine) and Aliaksei Lastouski (Belarus) for our histoTALK today, 22 June, 3 to 4 pm (CEST).


International panel

An international renowned panel marks the opening of histoCON:LINE. Wangûi Wa Goro (Kenya/UK), Dimitrij Kapitelmann (Germany) and Karolina Wigura (Poland) discussed the perception of 8 May 1945 for present and future.


Commemorating the Holocaust: Israel

Listen to our first edition of the new Podcast format with histoCON experts! Plug in your headphones, lean back and tune in!



Comic & Talk

Looking back, think ahead – What does the 8 May 1945 mean to us today? 

Representation of War and the Holocaust in Comics



Listen to Misato's story from Japan!










... Jalta

Jewish Perspectives on May 8/9


histoSPOT Part 1

Spotlight Berlin

May 1945 in your historical thinking/ histoSPOT will be taking you on a virtual trip to Berlin – to people and places in the city that lived through the end of WW2 or are evoking the memory of it.





Listen to Hamza's Story from Jordan

histoSPOT Part 2

Victory, Defeat, Liberation?

How do we tell the story of the enf of the war today? What ways of dealing with the past, of remembering and of commemoration exist?




histoSPOT Part 2

Four groups of young people between the ages of 17 and 27 had set out together with renowned artists in Italy, Croatia, Austria and Germany to search for traces of resistance against fascism in their countries.





Social Media Challenge

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