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Global perceptions of WWII: Eastern Europe

The 22nd of June marks the anniversary of the invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany. Against this background, the latest edition of our histoTALK will deal with the memory of the Second World War in Eastern Europe. How did civilians experience the war, what consequences did it have for them? And what influence does WWII still have in the region today? How has memory developed over time?

Listen to our guests Stefan Creuzberger (Germany), Dmytro Hainetdinov (Ukraine) and Aliaksei Lastouski (Belarus) who discussed these topics on 22 June 2020

This edition of the histoTALK took place in coordination with bpb:connect and the international sister network EENCE.
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Stefan Creuzberger, Germany

is currently Professor of Contemporary History, University of Rostock and Director of the Research and Documentation Centre of the Dictatorships in Germany at the University of Rostock. He focuses on German History after 1945, 20th Century History of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, History of Dictatorships, International Relations in the 20th Century.