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histoCON 2021: Via Livestream from 21-22 October

We are inviting you to join our virtual, international history festival histoCON from 21-22 October 2021. At histoCON 2021 we will be discussing “The World After 1945 – New Beginnings?“.

We want to engage young people from all over the world in a discussion on continuities and ruptures after the Second World War. We’ll be discussing how the years after 1945 have gone on to influence states and societies to this day and how we can actively shape remembrance.

The dates for the livestreams on histocon.de are:
Live show 1 – 21 October, 17:00 hrs CEST: “Our World Between Dependence & Independence”

Live show 2 – 22 October, 11:00 hrs CEST: “Our World Between Transformation & Continuity”

Live show 3 – 22 October, 17:00 hrs CEST: “Our World Between Conflict & Cooperation”

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We will be broadcasting three virtual events live from Reinbeckhallen in Berlin, a former European industrial site that has itself undergone a lot of change. You can expect inputs from our community, expert talks, live music acts – and of course lots of interaction. This is because participants can actively shape histoCON, sharing their views with others from all over the world via social media and live surveys.

The Tape That Collective will create a piece of tape art during the three shows as a live performance.

histoCON will be hosted by Sumi Somaskanda (DW News) and Vassili Golod (Machiavelli Podcast). Our partners will be organising watch parties around the world where interested people can come together to follow histoCON 2021 – from Santiago de Chile to Tokyo.

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Our world between independence and dependence

21 October, 5pm CEST

Many former colonies gained their independence after the Second World War. At the same time, the commencing cold war created new dependencies for many states. What do independence, dependence and freedom mean today? How does colonialism continue to shape the world we are living in?

Featuring Dr. Lynda Iroulo (German Institute for Global and Area Studies), and Vincent Bababoutilabo (musician and activist).

Live on stage: AWA Khiwe (hip-hop artist).

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Our world between transformation and continuity

22 October, 11am CEST

Cultures of remembrance of the Second World War and the Holocaust have changed over the years. They are influenced by different societal and social contexts, generations and perspectives. How can we keep memories alive and promote remembrance? What forms and formats should remembrance take in the future?

Featuring Professor Sara Jones (University of Birmingham) and Eva Hasel (Weiss-Livnat Innovation Hub for Holocaust Education and Commemoration).

Live on stage: Mulay (singer-songwriter).

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Our world between conflict and cooperation

22 October, 5pm CEST

The foundation of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights were to secure peace for the long term. How do conflicts continue to shape our world, and how can we achieve lasting peace? How can we actively promote human rights?

Featuring Professor Ursula Schröder (Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy), Viola Benz (PEACE LINE) and Ehab Badwi (Syrian Youth Assembly).

Live on stage: Taiga Trece (hip-hop artist).