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histoCON Community Workshop: Reshaping Remembrance


Fewer and fewer eyewitnesses of the Holocaust are alive to tell their stories. At the same time, new formats of remembrance are continually emerging, driven by new forms of media usage and development, some of them being discussed controversially. histoCON wants to address this development in a community workshop and a talk with Holocaust survivor Alfred Garwood on International Holocaust Remembrance Day this Thursday.

The Community Workshop takes place on 27 January 2022 from 2 – 3.30 pm CET and is open for anyone interested in learning more about Holocaust Education and innovative ways to teach about the Holocaust. In the first part of the workshop, four practitioners will present their remembrance projects. In the second part, the participants will work together in groups, considering what remembrance might look like in the future.

Our guests are:

Sam Churchill has worked as a professional photographer for 10 years. After graduating from Kings College London with a BA in War Studies, his cameras have taken him all over the world, with images printed in The Times, Tatler, GQ, and Gentleman’s Journal, amongst others. Since 2015 Sam has worked with March of the Living to document the return of holocaust survivors to Poland and Germany and continue to tell their stories.

Eva Hasel studied rhetoric, media studies and electronic media. Her work as an editor and conceptual designer focuses on memory culture, collective memory and (post-) conflict regions; in these areas she develops media projects for memorial sites, research institutions or museums.

Fumiko Ishioka is the director of the Tokyo Holocaust Education Resource Center (Kokoro), a non-profit educational organization, since 1998. Kokoro aims at helping learners, through the lessons of the Holocaust, become active global citizens who value human dignity for all and reject discrimination and prejudice. A protagonist of the award-winning children’s book and the documentary film Hana’s Suitcase, she has given workshops at over 1,200 schools, lead annual study tours to Europe.

Marlene Wöckinger is a historian. Since 2016 they have been working at Mauthausen Memorial (Austria) as a tour guide and have recently become the presenter on the newly founded Mauthausen Memorial TikTok Account. Marlene is head of the commemorative committee “Papa Gruber Kreis” (St. Georgen/Gusen).

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histoCON Talk

In addition to the Workshop, histoCON has invited Alfred Garwood, survivor of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp for a talk with histoCON Community Manager and educator Esther Selman. The talk will take place on 27 January 2022 at 7 pm CET.

Alfred Garwood

Photo: Samuel Churchill

Alfred Garwood was deported to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp at the age of 8 months together with his parents and sister. His trauma as a child has led him to focus on healing trauma in his professional life as doctor. Today, he is still working as a general practitioner. Garwood also founded the ‘Child Survivor Group of Great Britain’ and has published on the Holocaust.

In a nutshell

Community Workshop: Reshaping Remembrance

Where: Online Workshop via Zoom
: 27 January 2022, 2:00–3:30 pm (CET)
The workshop will take place in English

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histoCON Talk with Alfred Garwood

Where: Online Talk via Zoom
: 27 January 2022, 7:00–8:00 pm (CET)
The talk will take place in English

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