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We are inviting you to join our interactive live shows on YouTube. You can expect inputs from our community, expert talks, live music acts – and of course lots of interaction. This is because participants can actively shape histoCON, sharing their views with others from all over the world via social media and live surveys. histoCON will be hosted by Sumi Somaskanda (DW News) and Vassili Golod (Machiavelli Podcast).

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Our world between independence and dependence

21 October, 5pm CEST

Many former colonies gained their independence after the Second World War. At the same time, the commencing cold war created new dependencies for many states. What do independence, dependence and freedom mean today? How does colonialism continue to shape the world we are living in?

Featuring Dr. Lynda Iroulo (German Institute for Global and Area Studies), and Vincent Bababoutilabo (musician and activist).

Live on stage: AWA Khiwe (hip-hop artist).

Watch live on YouTube