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2021 marks eighty years since Operation Barbarossa – the codename for the German invasion of the Soviet Union – and, in many views, the outbreak of the genocidal phase of the Holocaust, which got underway in the Baltics and beyond starting in June 1941. In this edition we speak to Dovid Katz, a Vilnius-based Brooklyn-born scholar of Yiddish, Lithuanian Jewish culture and specialist on Holocaust historiography and editor of DefendingHistory.com. Annika Brockschmidt talks with him about what he believes is the 21st century incarnation of Holocaust Denial and the insidious ways it has spread to unsuspecting sectors in the West.

Intro: Kevin MacLeod, Sincerely, CC BY 4.0

Photo Credit: Ida Olniansky

Dovid Katz, Lithuania

is a New York born scholar of the Yiddish language, Lithuanian Jewish culture, and Holocaust historiography. He founded and led Yiddish studies at Oxford University for 18 years, and, after a stint at Yale, settled in Vilnius where he was professor of Yiddish Language, Literature and Culture at Vilnius University for 11 years. For the last decade, he has been an independent scholar and Holocaust history advocate. His current projects are a new online English-Yiddish dictionary , a video archive of the last in-situ Yiddish (LYVA) based on three decades of expeditions to the “last mohicans”. His works include Grammar of the Yiddish Language, Lithuanian Jewish Culture, The Unfinished History of Yiddish, Yiddish and Power as well as hundreds of papers and articles. He is at work on a book on the new incarnation of Holocaust Denial, and edits the spritely web journal Defending History. Many of his works are available gratis via his website DovidKatz.net.

Annika Brockschmidt, Germany

is a freelance journalist and historian living in Berlin. She studied History and German literature in Heidelberg, before going on to study War and Conflict Studies, specialising in Genocide Studies in Potsdam. Work as a freelance journalist has led her to write for the Tagesspiegel, Zeit Geschichte and Zeit Online. Annika currently works as a freelance political journalist for the ZDF Hauptstadtstudio. Podcast production has been a passion of hers for many years and she has created successful podcasts such as “Science Pie”, which resulted in her co-authoring a non-fiction book on natural sciences and humanities at Rowohlt.