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histoCON Community Workshop: Revisiting Afghanistan


Following the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban regained control of the country. As a result, Afghanistan is now facing a humanitarian and economic crisis. Three months on we want to investigate what the current situation is in Afghanistan, how are people in Afghanistan coping with the new realities under Taliban rule and what does the new regime mean for women and girls?

To do this we are inviting you to join our histoCON Community Workshop “Revisiting Afghanistan” on 14 December – 7:00 to 8:30 PM CET (Berlin).


During the first part of the workshop, activist Aisha Khurram and photojournalist Sebastian Backhaus will share their personal perspectives and experiences on the current situation in Afghanistan. The workshop will be facilitated by Esther Selman, an educator in Berlin and histoCON community manager.

Aisha Khurram

Aisha Khurram served as Afghanistan’s Youth Representative to the United Nations in 2019. She studied Law at Kabul University and had to leave the country after the Taliban took power. She has now started her studies by receiving a scholarship from Bard College Berlin, where she will be able to continue and complete her education.